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In addition to doing phenomenal renovation work, we are also insurance restoration specialists capable of handling any storm damage claim including roofing, siding, gutters, etc.

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The company's management found that by giving honest and superior work for a reasonable cost, his business would flourish.  Most of the work he now acquires is a result of word-of-mouth advertising.  Many of his past clients rehire him to complete additional projects.   Also, many home renovation projects start out small, but after the homeowners see what Wade's Elite Team is capable of doing for them, they expand the scope of the project to include the many extras that they wanted but didn't think possible or they add other projects that they had in mind but thought were too big to tackle immediately.

The bottom line is that by doing honest, superior work, the company has been able to stay busy, even in today's economy, where other companies have floundered or failed.

With Elite Renovations, you'll get more one on one attention because Wade, the owner, takes an active part in designing, constructing, and completing every job.

Elite Renovations has participated in a South African Building Project in which its members traveled to Africa to help build churches and orphanages. The company has also provided charity work on several projects within the St. Louis metropolitan area by, for instance, helping to repair homes for families who have suffered through a catastrophe or a major loss to the family home.

Elite Renovations maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.